Program Features

What are some of the program features?

There are a series of great features in the platform that can assist you in managing your heart health, these include:

Communication with physical activity devices: The platform has the ability to communicate with electronic devices and activity monitors such as the "Fitbit” and many more.

Wellness Trackers: You will automatically be assigned trackers for the risk factors that may not meet target values. The trackers help you monitor progress and can even send you reminders to log your steps or take your blood pressure. Trackers are particularly helpful when you are working toward a goal such as weight loss or quitting smoking.

One on one health coaching: You can interact with a health coach if you qualify for this service (to find out if you're eligible, click here). The health coach's role is to relay specific health information in real time and to help empower you to become an active self-manager of your own heart health. 

Online support groups: You will have access to online support groups where you can post questions and seek encouragement and tips from other people who may have similar health goals.

Health library: For all your heart health education needs, you will have access to a trusted and reliable database of information where you can learn important strategies to help you achieve your health priorities.

Circle of Care: Patients can get the support of their family, friends advocates and other healthcare professionals or specialists.  The patient decides who can access their information, view their progress, and communicate with them.