In-Patient Volunteer

Interested in Becoming an In-Patient Volunteer?

The Women@Heart In-patient Support Program is peer-to-peer support opportunity in hospital for women recently diagnosed with heart disease. After being diagnosed with heart disease, many women experience feelings of isolation and depression. Being able to talk to someone ‘’who’s been there’’ can make a difference in emotional recovery. Through the Women@Heart in-patient Support Program, women can connect one-on-one with a Women@Heart in-patient volunteer who can provide needed support at the bedside.

Training Provided

Peer leader training consists of:

  • Disease-specific information (general disease information, women and heart disease, risk factor management, stress coping and emotional management)
  • Communication skills (active listening, sharing stories, facilitation skills, coaching skills, public speaking)
  • Support skills (non-directive support, building motivation)



It has been demonstrated that people who provide peer-peer support experience higher rates of physical health, life satisfaction, and lower rates of distress and are more optimistic about their health1. Here are some of the benefits that in-patient volunteer can gain by becoming involved:

  • Sense of purpose (accomplishment and competence)
  • Well being (making people feel good about themselves)
  • Knowledge gain (more knowledgeable and confident in own skills)
  • Acceptance (opportunity to come to greater terms with own illness)
  • Self help (protection from social isolation and physical decline)



Interested in becoming a Women@Heart In-Patient Volunteer? Spaces are limited. 

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1 Brown SL, Nesse RM, Vinokur AD, Smith DM. Providing social support may be more beneficial than receiving it: results from a prospective study of mortality. Psychol Sci. Jul 2003;14(4):320-327.