As “Heart Keepers” to the Heart Health of Their Families

Having a family history increases our risk for cardiovascular disease by one and a half to two times. However, only 11% of people who have family histories are screened for cardiovascular risk factors. Increased awareness of personal cardiovascular risk factors has been associated with improved health and lifestyles for women and their families.

Women tend to:

  • Be the gatekeepers for family health;
  • Lead by example, and;
  • Positively influence up to 67% of lifestyle factors in their families.

Following the presentation, the audience will:

  • Understand the importance of a positive family history as it relates to cardiovascular disease;
  • Recognize the genetic, behavioural, and environmental factors influencing cardiovascular health;
  • Identify practical steps to improve cardiovascular health, and;
  • List strategies and community resources available to support heart healthy living.

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