Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a referral to register for CardioPrevent?
  2. I don’t have a family doctor. How can I participate?
  3. How much does this cost?
  4. Can I use the exercise equipment at the Heart Institute?
  5. Can I see a cardiologist?
  6. Can I have a stress test done?
  7. Can my partner and I join together?
  8. How long are the appointments?
  9. Can we schedule evening appointments?
  10. Can I request a specific health coach?
  11. My schedule is unpredictable and I travel a lot. How can I still participate?
  12. How Can Healthcare Providers Get Involved?


Yes. In order to participate, we need a referral form completed by your physician or a nurse practitioner with your most recent blood work.

You can have the Referral Form completed at a walk-in clinic. Once in the program, we can help refer you to services to find a family doctor.

CardioPrevent is free of charge!

The exercise equipment at the Heart Institute is strictly for our Cardiac Rehabilitation patients. Our health coaches can help you with an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle, whether at a home or community gym.

Appointments with cardiologists are not part of the program. We stay in contact with your primary care provider throughout the program to update them on any results. If needed, a referral to a cardiologist would be made by your physician/nurse practitioner.

Stress tests are not prescribed or ordered for all participants of the program. In some cases, a stress test or other diagnostic test may be ordered to ensure your safe participation in CardioPrevent.

Yes, although you will likely be matched with different health coaches. CardioPrevent appointments are done one-on-one with your health coach to ensure your specific needs are being addressed. The program is tailored to each individual.

Appointment times vary. The initial appointment is the longest, as we assess your risk level and develop your year-long program. This appointment takes one and a half hours. The follow-up telephone appointments average 15-20 minutes.

Yes. Our staff is flexible and offer evening appointments as well early morning appointments.

At this time, requests for a specific health coach cannot be made. Health coaches are matched with specific participants based on their needs and the coaches’ expertise. The team reviews each file and determines the best match for participant success.

We have the option of connecting via teleconference, Telehealth or Skype for participants who are out of town. There are only three in-person appointments that cannot be substituted for phone appointments as we complete measurements at that time, but our health coaches will work with you to find a date and contact method that accommodates your lifestyle.

For healthcare providers interested in a systematic process to screen and identify at risk individuals and link them to a personalized primary prevention program, visit the CardioPrevent for Healthcare Providers page for more information.