Frequently Asked Questions

  1. It says I’m not eligible for a health coach, how could I access this service?
  2. I wanted access to a health coach but I am low-risk, what do I do now?
  3. Do I have to use the health coach feature?
  4. Does it cost anything?
  5. Can I invite my friends or family to monitor my progress?
  6. What happens after six months?
  7. Can I select my health coach?
  8. What if I miss a scheduled health coaching session?
  9. What do my bi-weekly appointments with my health coach cover?
  10. Is the program open to men also?
  11. How can healthcare providers get involved?



If you are not eligible for a health coach, it is because you are either at a low-risk for cardiovascular disease or the service is not offered in your area. Only residents from the Champlain District  who are at a moderate to high risk for CVD can access health coaching services.

Health coaching is just one component of the program. Even if you do not qualify for health coaching, there are plenty of great features that Virtual Care has to offer. You can post questions or other comments in the forum section and get online support, track your risk factors like daily activity, sync with your activity monitors, increase your heart health knowledge through the health library and, more importantly, improve your risk factors.

No, if you qualify for health coaching and do not wish to use this service, you can opt out or decline the invite from your health coach. You can still make use of all the additional features of the platform, but a health coach will not be able to guide you or see your profile. The service is free so there is no cost to you whether you use the health coach feature or not.

No. Access to this program is free of charge. If you receive health coaching, this service is also complimentary. However, it is important to note that there is no access to physicians, cardiologists or other services offered by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

Yes. Your family and friends can register to use the platform and you can add them as your circle of care to give them access to your health profile and care plan.

After you’ve participated in the program for six months, you will be asked to complete a follow-up questionnaire to see if any progress has been made since the beginning. If you have been assigned a health coach, your health coaching service will end after six months, but you can remain in the platform for up to one year.

Unfortunately, you cannot request a specific health coach. Coaches are carefully assigned to participants based on the risk factors that need to be addressed. Our coaches all specialize in different areas, so if you are matched with someone, it is because they are best suited to maximize your success according to your health priorities and needs.

Our coaches know that sometimes life gets a little hectic. When you have to reschedule your session, please email your health coach to give them as much notice as possible. If you forgot a session completely, it’s important to follow up with your health coach and reschedule at your earliest convenience.

Your health coach will cover specific topics at each of your scheduled contacts. He or she will review your risk factor profile and help you set goals in achieving your health priorities. Every contact will focus on a different topic area such as problem solving, skill building and relapse prevention. It will be up to you to track your risk factors such as food and exercise in order to make the most of your sessions.  

Yes. The program is for women and men. Anyone can access the platform no matter their sex or age. Based on their characteristics, they may receive a different care plan since the program is tailored for each individual. For example a man, aged 66 will receive a different program than a woman aged 33, and vice versa. 

The Virtual Care Program encourages individuals to actively participate in the self-management of their own health and wellness with the support of their family, friends, advocates and healthcare providers.  Therefore, no referrals are needed. Keeping patients informed of their condition, treatment history and “road map to health” is easy using our Circle of Care feature where patients can share their care plans with their circle of care. The conversation feature also allows for secure online communication between patients and their circle of care. 


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